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Shoes that work with graphite orthotics

Posted by Brian on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003633)

I have graphite (rigid) orthotics which help my PF a lot. However, its hard to find shoes with even cushioning across the heel. With uneven cushioning (as found with ASICS DuoMax)I seem to get too much pronation control followed by other problems...illiotibital band syndrome, etc.... Anyone have a favorite shoe for the orthotic wearer that complies with the doctors advice against air cushioning.

Re: Shoes that work with graphite orthotics

Bea on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003651)

Sad to say I don't understand the termanology. Please explain.

Re: Shoes that work with graphite orthotics

John on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003659)

Brian, I am a runner and I have had illiotibal band syndrome before. I have also had PF for 10 months and out of running for most of that time. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to run thru the pain. No way. I am now about 98% painfree and have begun to run some. I have had many questions about when to really begin running and in what type shoe. I have talked to Road Runner about their recommendation for someone starting back after PF. They recommend a cushion shoe, not a stability shoe. I agree with your doctors advice against air cushioning, especially if you are talking about Nikes. Nikes are just too flexible and put a lot of pressure on the plantar. I was running in Nike shoes when I got PF. Never again for me. I now have a pair of New Balance 877's and use a custom orthotic (leather). I am just now beginning to run again and build my distance up very slowly.The shoe/orthotic combo seems to be working. These shoes are much more rigid in the mid shoe area than the Nike's. You said you were using the graphite orthotics. I presume you are using the Sorbothane graphite insert. I tried a pair of these back when my PF was still not under control. I found them too hard for me and I think they would still be too hard. I recommend getting a custom orthotic. I have found mine to be a great help.

Good luck and good running.