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heal spurs and walking the appalachian trail

Posted by Halfpint on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003658)

I am a sectional hiker of the appalachian trail. Each summer I do 6 weeks on each section, and hope to finish in another 5 years. The problem is that this last winter I developed heal spurs and unable to work out inorder to stay fit for my next section. I have had the shots and the custom insoles but am worried about having a flair up on the trail. Any suggestions to what else can be done is welcomed. No matter what happens I will be on the trail this summer completing Virginia even if I have to crawl.

Re: heal spurs and walking the appalachian trail

BillC on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003667)

Hello Halfpint,

I am also an AT hiker. I have done about 550 miles of the AT doing section hiking. On my last hike to Burkes Garden Vir. I developed some pretty bad pain in my heel. Actually it started a day or two before but very bad the last day. This was Sept 19, 1998 and I have had PF problem ever since. I cant walk 1 mile without a good bit of pain afterwards. I hope to do some more hiking this spring but I am not going to crawl if my PF isn't better. I found that I can tolerate walking stairs and I work in a building that has 24 floors. so I get some opportunity. Read all the stuff here on this message board. There are some really good tips. God Bless you and good luck.


Re: heal spurs and walking the appalachian trail

alex on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003670)

One piece of advice which I have found to be very important. Don't think that you can 'walk through' the pain. Been there done that - makes it worse for weeks/months to come

Re: heal spurs and walking the appalachian trail

Bea on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003677)

Very good advice given to you however realize this is not an injury this is a weakness that you may always have. You must respect the facvt that you have to be careful or you can limit yourself for the rest of your life.

Re: heal spurs and walking the appalachian trail

shugga on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003759)

Have you tried good suportive shoes with the heel being at least an inch higher than the sole? Please give Glucosamine sulfate with chondroitin a try. Take 1 - 500 mg tablet three times a day with meals. This takes about a month or more to see results but I swear this is what 'cured' my PF. Been PF free for a year, back to walking,and standing at work all day, and aerobics several times a week. It is expensive but worked for me! I still take 2 tablets a day, and never wear cheap, flat shoes anymore.