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Posted by MIMI on 1/21/99 at 00:00 (003714)

Does anyone use a Prostretch? Does it work and where can I purchase one?



Alicia on 1/22/99 at 00:00 (003720)

Mimi: If you go way back to earlier messages on this board, you will find a discussion about prostretch. I believe it gives some information about where to get one. Good luck.


Sue B. on 1/22/99 at 00:00 (003730)

I have seen it for sale in the Saunders Catalog for $34.95.
1-800-456-1289 for a catalog.

I have not bought it or tried it though. I think in the previous discussions someone mentioned a place where it was cheaper.

Sue B.


Doug on 1/24/99 at 00:00 (003838)

I bought the Prostretch. I gives a very good stretch to the calf muscle because your foot gets angled up toward your head. However, I found it would pull on the calf so hard that it would also pull on the plantar fascia and irritate it. This caused it to hurt more than if I didn't stretch at all.


MagicMarkR on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004276)

I have used prostretch for about six months and have found at times it can irritate PF but it also can help a bit if you don't overdo it.

I have a personal feeling that Prostretch used frequently can break down your running shoe's mid foot area because of where it bends in the device. As this area is important for preventing PF, maybe you could stretch in an older pair before changing to good running shoes.