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Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Posted by Patricia Lawson on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003797)

I've been reading several messages describing various shoes which are supposed to help PF sufferers such as Birkenstocks, Danskos, and a few others. My question is: Is there anyone out there who has used custom orthotics prescribed by a doctor, and found a pair of shoes which accomodate these besides athletic shoes? I am having to wear NB running shoes everywhere because my orthotics fit in these. This makes it difficult as most of you know, to wear anything but jeans or shorts everywhere you go. I'd be willing to try Danskos or Birkenstocks, but it doesn't sound like you can use your orthotics in any of these. Has anybody worn any of these shoes such as Danskos or others without wearing your orthotics and can you get away with it, or do you find you have to wear your orthotics in all of the shoes you wear? Any feedback on this would be much appreciated!

Patricia (Pat)

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Kathy on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003798)

I'm with you. I hate to not wear my orthos, but NB cross-trainers just don't fit the bill everywhere. I tried my orthos in all the shoes in my closet (quite a few) and none worked

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Sue on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003799)

The only Dansko I have seen is the clog which I don't think you would
wear an orthotic with. I have not bought NB tennis shoes yet. Have they helped with the PF?

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Sue on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003800)

I was on this message board earlier today. Birk inserts do fit in SAS Freetime walking shoes. However, the sole of the SAS is very soft. Several chat room people have indicated that very soft soles aggravated their condition. Of course, the SAS salesperson stated that
many physicians recommend SAS. In search of good shoes for PF, I'm worried I will just fill up my closet with $$$. Any suggestions?

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Mary Ann on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003801)

I have had custom orthotics for 10 years, they are made of very hard material(they do not use it anymore) I wore Easy spirit slipon and light walking shoe and they fit. I recently developed PF after walking and continue to wear the light walking shoe. I cant wear Birkenstocks, causes arch pain. These did help relieve the pain a # of years ago and the Podiatrist I recently said to continue with them since they helped before. I still have heel pain.

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

alex on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003802)

I wore SAS shoes for more than ten years BPF (beforePF!) - because they are so comfortable and they come in extra wide sizes. However, my PF developed while wearing them, and I now find that they do not have the support that I need. I, too, have spent $$$ on shoes, but have discovered that Mephistos, Dansko clogs and New Balance sneakers to be the best. Of course, Birk sandals around the house are the most relaxing. e

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Bea on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003803)

I have worn orthotics for 11 years and find that I can wear them with shoes that have laces. Unfortunately that is limiting as far as dress shoes go. I wear them with winter boots also. SAome shoes have high backs and you have to gravitate toward those if you want anything but sport shoes.

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Patricia on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003804)


Of course, it depends on your feet, but I've found NB running shoes to be about the best for my feet along with the orthotics the doctor prescribed. I also have a pair of Saucony running shoes, and they are a close second to the NBs. I still have pain, but good shoes definitely make a difference, the pain is not as bad.
I patiently keep plugging along with various remedies, such as Alfalfa and a few other supplements, icing my foot, rolling my foot on a rolling pin on the floor, and stretching. I'm thinking about trying the ProStretch. Has anyone tried it?

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Sue on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003807)

Alex, Do you have difficulty switching from a dansko clog to a Birk sandal? The position of the foot is dramatically different in each.Was the SAS you wore the Freetime model?

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Sue on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003808)

I reread you reply. What model of Mephisto do you have. I bought a
really nice pair but I haven't worn them yet as I am concerned that
they don't have a high enough heel. Don't the Birk sandals cause you pain? I thought they felt worse than going barefoot.

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

alex on 1/24/99 at 00:00 (003825)

Unfortunately my job is pretty high profile (Headmaster of a fairly ritzy Hong Kong private school) so I have to have highly respectable dress shoes. I wear Mephistos regular lace up shoes with my suits for work. I'm not sure what the model is (it does say Trampoloini on the inner sole). I wear my Dansko clogs (with the enclosed back) for 'smart casual' affairs. I really find them very comfortable. I know that they are totally different from the Birks, but I am now used to both. I find the Birk sandals to be very relaxing, great to wear them with no socks evenings around the house - although, of course, most of the time I have my feet up!. I wear New Balance sneakers for anything involving outdoor walking. Unfortunately my passion - playing tennis - is now a thing of the past, although I do live in hope.... With the NB sneakers I can manage an ocasionalround of golf - but do need icing and rest afterwards. Good luck to you!

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Gina on 1/24/99 at 00:00 (003828)

I was told by one podiatrist to change shoes several times during the day, if possible. Apparently, having the foot in different 'shoe positions' gives different parts of it a chance to hurt and to rest! I've tried this and do find it helpful.

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Susan on 1/24/99 at 00:00 (003834)

I had the same problem - orthotics don't fit in any shoes. I found the only recourse I had was to modify my shoes - i.e. I literally pull out the intersoles and inside padding to accomodate the orthotic. It doesn't work in all shoes - but at least it gave me something else to wear besides athletic shoes!

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Florence on 1/24/99 at 00:00 (003837)

I have two orthotics...the sport model which I use in tennis shoes and the dress model which I wear in dressier shoes. I'm having such a bad flare up right now that I have to wear the orthotic and another foam thingie on top of it to walk at all and am taking Voltarin. I was wondering about shoes too...I have not found any that relieve this pain this time around...been suffering with this 15 yrs off and on..

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Dayna on 1/25/99 at 00:00 (003857)

I have Ecco and SAS, both in white so they look pretty 'Nurse Nancy' which limits where I can wear them. disclaimer : my mother was a nurse, I have great respect for nursing, big clunky supportive white shoes will always make me think of these people dedicated to helping relieve the suffering of others.

I wear my orthotics 23.5 hours a day (except in the shower)and they fit in both these, but they tend to slip forward in any shoe I wear, these a bit more than others because they are so lovely and wide. I also have Easy Spirit laceups in black and brown which I wear most of the time for dress. The orthotics fit very well in these, minimal slippage up and plenty of room for my poor squared off little toes (too many years of pointe, the middle three end in a straight line). I can't wear trainers, running shoes, anything like that without pain, they just don't fit right and I've tried lots of different brands. If you're looking for shoes to wear without orthotics, I can't help you there.

Re: Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

jerry on 1/26/99 at 00:00 (003944)

There are many shoes out there that can accomodate your inserts, you just need to find them as well as a reputable retailer that can fit you for them.
Brands such as ecco and mephisto have removable foot beds that when removed, will accomodate most inserts. Another company, beautifeel, even has womens dress shoes that accomodate dress orthodics.
If you would like further information we will have our on line store up and running within a month at http://www.comfortoneshoes.com or feel free to call me or our staff at 1888-4yourfeet.