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8th week since PF Surgery

Posted by Milton Bradford on 1/26/99 at 00:00 (003895)

I thank all of you for your responses they have been really enlightening and encouraging. They have served to give me a degree of hope for my foot. 3 days ago I exercise for the first time and I am not only amazed at how far I have slipped behind--it is as if I have not ever exercised in my life and it has been 7 months since I was able to jog 6 miles. I was able to struggle doing 15 minutes on the stationary bicycle and 10 minutes on the stair mastering at 1/3 of the level that at my highest I had been able to go. I use to be able to go 45 minutes. The best news of all is that I didn't have any pain in my heel. I did in my socking feet experience a little discomfort but I believe it was because of my inactivity. I am concerned only about 1 thing and that when I get up in the morning there still is a little discomfort in my heel. Not nearly to the degree as before but I am a little concerned. Has anyone else experience this morning discomfort post-surgery. Thank you all.

Re: 8th week since PF Surgery

Patti on 1/27/99 at 00:00 (003967)

Hi Milton
I had an endoscopic fasciotomy of my right foot on fri jan. 22. I also need to have the left done in a few weeks. I understand you have undergone surgery, I am not sure if it was the same though. I was wondering if you could give me some insite as to what lay ahead for me. ---Patti

Re: 8th week since PF Surgery

Milton Bradford on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004016)

I am going to refer you to a copy of my original post that in detail shows you want I experienced it was dated 1/21. I do understand that your surgery more highly favored in rehab but my doctor told me though my surgery would take far more time that the direct incision would allow him to be sure as to what he was cutting.

I am glad I have found this page, and am looking forward to sharing my experience with others. I am almost 2 months into my surgery and I have mixed feelings to its effectiveness at this point. I had the older type of surgery where no scope was used but a direct incision approximately 2 inches long into the side of my heel. The doctor told me that he 3/4 servered the plantar fascia. I previously had chronic heel pain for almost 2 years and went through all the conservative treatments without success. Finally, I relented and had the surgery. My heel is still sore but in a slightly different way. I still have pain in the morning but not as intense or as long. I am hoping that this is a part of the healing process that is still taking place. I really want to run again the 6 miles every other day. If you have had previous surgery similar to mines please share results.

Re: 8th week since PF Surgery

Kathy on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004069)

I am planning to have the 'older' surgery in March. Is the pain only at the incision site or in the same places as before your surgery?