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Plantar Faciitis & Sport

Posted by Steve on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004012)

Hi, I have just discovered this message board and would like to tell my story. I started suffering with PF (Left Foot mainly) in August 1997. I play a lot of Field Hockey (I am from England) on hard astroturf pitches. I had to give up playing for the whole of the 1997/8 season. I had physiotheripy which did not make a lot of difference but eventually it seemed to subside. I played a game of hockey in August 1998 to see how my foot coped but I broke my finger. My next game was in October when my finger had healed. Up to Christmas I did O.K. I could feel the PF lurking but it wasn't causing me much pain. Since Christmas however it has got much worse but this time in the right foot. I really don't want to stop playing again as I put on 14 pounds during my year long lay off which just made matters worse.
Can anyone tell me if I will be doing more damage if I continue to play through the pain ?
Is playing field hockey on hard astroturf pitches compounding the problem ?

Re: Plantar Faciitis & Sport

Paul on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004025)

Playing through pain is NEVER the smart thing to do. As long as the inflamation is there you should rest it. I've only been dealing with this for 3 months. I want it to go away so I'm staying away from my favorite sport of running. Good luck.

Re: Plantar Faciitis & Sport

Robin on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004030)

Don't know anything about field hockey, but I know about long distance walking -- and this board is full of athletic people who have had to give up their sports and athletic activities for the sake of safeguarding their feet. Of course playing through the pain will damage your feet -- more than they are already damaged if you have PF. And most likely the surface you are playing on also aggravates the problem. We all understand about the weight gain due to lack of exercise. We also all understand that lack of exercise makes you crazy and depressed and unhappy. But chances are you WILL have to modify your life while you look for remedies for the PF. Read through this board if you haven't already for ideas. Relief seems to be very individual, but there are lots of ideas worth trying.

Re: Plantar Faciitis & Sport

John on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004043)

Steve, I don't know about hockey, but I am a runner that has learned the hard way that this cannot be run through. I tried. It just made things worse. I also read a article on the web that someone mentioned just recently. Its about running, but it also talks about trying to run through the pain. It is http://www.RRCA.COM . Next, go to publications and look for an article on PF. It talks about how much worse a runner can make PF by trying to run through it. This could also apply to your case.

Good luck, John.

Re: Plantar Faciitis & Sport

alex on 1/28/99 at 00:00 (004049)

As I am also originally from the UK I do know about playing hockey. Moved to the US in 1978 where I played tennis several times a week - always on soft courts (HarTru, clay). When I moved to Asia (now in Hong Kong) I was forced to play on hard courts - guess when the PF started! After about six weeks inactivity I decided to 'give it another try'. Foolish me! Listen to everyone who says 'trying to play/run/walk though this pain' is the WORST possible thing to do. Like the rest of us, keep trying various things to get better, and adjust your excercise routine.