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shock-wave therapy

Posted by Janet on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004107)

Hi all. My physical therapist thinks I may have a case of nerve entrapment, or at least nerve irritation, in addition to the PF. I have some tingling in my heels--not 24/7, but at least once every other day. Additionally, I do believe I have PF as I have all the right symptoms in all the right places. At any rate, does anyone know if shock-wave therapy is at all successful with nerve inflamation? If not what is the best way to proceed in diagnosing and treating an irritation/entrapment of the calcaneal nerve? I had an EMG, which was normal. X-rays are all normal. Thanks

Re: shock-wave therapy

john g on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004129)

Janet, The Ossatron MDs in Toronto actually try to screen out nerve entrapment patients. Shock wave therapy just does not work there and drags your success average down making the treatment seem less effective to real PF patients.