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Re: Reply to Barbara2

Posted by Patti on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004109)

I too had been through most of the treatments you have dealt with,anti-inflamatories, tapings, cortisone shots. I work 2 jobs that requires me to be on my feet at all times,(anyway even when not woking I found it was easier than trying to get back up on them after resting for awhile). I am new to this board only a few days ago. I have just 1 week ago undergone a endoscopic fascitiomy of my right foot. I have not experienced the pain that I thought I might have. I am having trouble staying off of it(Supposed to keep it elevated above heart). I do feel it the next day if I do too much, mainly in my other foot which is also in need of surgery but also in my back since I believe you throw off track when you walk incorrectly. I do not have all the results to help you but will try to keep you posted on my recovery as it goes. I do also know which my doctor made me fully aware of the cure rate from this surgery is only around 70 percent. But I had to do something and also have a positive attitude that it will work for me. I have to disagree with the statement that was made by someone else saying a podiatrist is not a doctor, he is a specialist in the field of feet and much more qualified than a MD. My podiatrist tried everything to help me get rid of the pain I was feeling before turning to surgery. I will keep you posted so you can make an informed decision. I did not know about this message board when I was deciding not that I know if it would have swayed me one way or the other I needed releif of the pain I was feeling.

Re: Reply to Barbara2

S on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004122)

Wow...it seems I have a lot in common with you and Mimi. I am going
in for surgery in mid-February. I am concerned about the success rate but can't stand this pain any longer. I've tried everything you all have for a couple of years.

Barbara, I'd be interested to hear about your progress in the next couple of weeks. I too have little ones (1 1/2 and 3 1/2 years) and
work a demanding job. It'll be a challenge to keep off my feet.

Was there any discussion of the arthriscopic (sp?) surgery that goes in on the side? I understand the recovery time is much less. My doctor won't do that type...says there is too much risk for permenant damage to the nerves. He's going in from the bottom of my foot and
says to expect 4-6 weeks with no weight bearing activity for recovery.

Also, did you have general or local anethsesia?

I'm very nervous! I'd like to hear more...