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Newcomers, take heart!

Posted by Sandra Z on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004113)

Many people DO get better. You are not doomed to a lifetime of pain. When I first read this message board, I felt devastated because it seemed like everyone had been in pain for so long, until I realized that the people who have been cured have no reason to look for this message board. WE ARE THE HARDCORE,UNUSUAL CASES! Take the advice, find what works for you, and them come back and report your success to give us hope! And when you are cured, avoid the activity that caused your pain in the first place. I had PF once before, and got better after orthotics and one shot. I had six months with ZERO pain, after having been in A LOT of pain. Then I stupidly tried jogging again, when jogging was the cause of the first PF pain. It's harder to get rid of the second time around, believe me! But I expect to get rid of it again, and I will NEVER jog again. I WILL beat this, most people do, and so will you!

Re: Newcomers, take heart!

Dayna on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004121)

THANK YOU for reminding us that some people do get better, and when they do they have no reason to seek out support for what they've no longer got. We tend to forget that sometimes, it's not all gloom and doom. Some of us can live with it, we get around pretty well. I even took a holiday to the UK last year, and walked a lot. I used a cane with a folding seat so when I was in a queue or in a museum, I could stop and sit rather than standing, move a little, stand some more. That's actually worse for me than constant motion. Yes, I took Daypro, yes, I hurt sometimes and used ice and massage each night to prepare for the next day, yes I'd do it again in an instant.

The PF can control what we can do, but we can control how we react to that, and be inventive in our accommodations. I felt dorky and ancient using a cane, but I felt dorky and ancient outside the USA, that's a trade off I was willing to make, and I had two men there to help if I just couldn't make it, they kept me from trying to macho my way through. We are like the marines, we adapt, and we will overcome!

Re: Newcomers, take heart!

Bobbie on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004156)

Good for you! I feel the same way, if we want to do something or go somewhere then we should do it. We just have to be inventive and respect our feet. I refuse to sit inside and watch the world go by. When we are in a lot of pain it is easy to give up but we simply have to keep plodding along. I am not too proud to use one of those little motorized carts, a wheelchair, a cane, crutches, or anthing else that will move me around. We can't let our pain rule our lives.

Re: Newcomers, take heart!

Lisa on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004157)

Thank you for the encouragement. I was diagnosed on Wednesday after about six months of pain. I found this message board and got scared that it would never go away. But after three days of anti-imflammatories, stretches, and ice, my foot feels better already. I have every confidence that it will get even better once I get my orthotics and some decent walking shoes. The bad part about this is, this was my own fault. I had ankle problems three years ago and was told that I needed orthotics then. I refused because the doctor told me I wouldn't be able to wear pumps again. Hey, I was 33 and thought I was too young for Granny shoes. He told me I'd be back and he was right and in more pain than my ankle ever caused.


Re: Newcomers, take heart!

Dayna on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004280)

It isn't easy for any of us to admit pretty shoes are a thing of the past. Perhaps you will be one of the milder cases and can go in low heels once in a while, but I wouldn't recommend even thinking about it until you have been pain-free for a few months with active movement (meaning walking like a normal person). You will be so much happier once you get over the initial shock of changing your body image. It does get better, and even pretty flats might be an option (you can have orthotics made for a specific shoe, so maybe get one brand/style in a few colours and have a set made specifically for them). Good luck and keep us informed as to your progress, we do care.