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Sore feet and elbows!

Posted by Lyndel on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004163)

This board is interesting! I'm glad I found it! A few questions: # one, it's all women??? Are there any guys out there who have PF or is it just me? Also, I'm not sure about my symptoms. My feet began hurting one year ago. They would hurt any where between the heel and ball of my feet, both feet but more so in the left foot. My foot pain first began from a bad pair of Ariats shoes (western boots made by former tennis shoe employees that are a cross between tennis shoes and cowboy boots. Very expensive and very comfortable until they broke in) My feet started hurting from the moment I got up until I got into bed. While I slept they felt ok. I finally went to a Podiatrist. They gave me custom orthodotics ($375 bucks
!) They felt good at first but after a couple of months my feet began to hurt again. Sometimes the bottom of my foot would swell up and there would be no arch to the bottom of my foot. I now walke on the balls and toes of my feet to keep from hurting. Is this the same as the rest of you have? It kinda sounds like it. Everyone talks of iceing their feet???? I put mine in hot water each night after work and that really helps me alot! If I soak them in water for 3 nights in a row while watching TV or crusing the net I feel great for about 4 to 5 days. I also have this same pain in my elbow! I drive a service route for a living. I've done it for 5 years now and drive about 1000 to 1500 miles a week! The hard armrest of my pickup kills my elbow. I cant even rest my elbow on the table. It feels like someone hit it with a hammer when I touch it to the table! I'm 36 years old and like I said before I drive for a living servicing phones. I'm on my butt more than on my feet nowadays and my feet went bad????? Since my inserts are starting to hurt and not help as much, I've been getting worried as to how bad this was going to get? I just wandered into this forum and would love to get to know the rest of you and what remidies you've tried? Thanks for reading my rambling.... Just sitting here typing my feet and calfs hurt. I was on my feet all day and I think I was standing on my toes to relieve the rest of the bottom of my feet and thats why the calfs hurt. Thanks for listening.

Lyndel in Montana

Re: Sore feet and elbows!

Pinkee on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004166)

Make sure the armrest in your car support your elbows at a 45 degree angles without your having to hunch. Wear birkenstocks.

Re: Sore feet and elbows!

BillC on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004184)

Yes, there are guys out here we just are not as expressive as the girls. I read the messages every day. There is very good information here.

Re: Sore feet and elbows!

Suzanne on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004186)

Dear Lyndel,
Although this is a message from yet another female, I have read many messages from men in the past week since I have been disgnosed with pf. I too suffer from elbow pain, especially at night when I am sleeping, but I carry a 20 lbs baby around much of the day and also have my arms/albows in fixed positions while feeding her during the day. I am the same age as you and believe that my elbow problem is probably a touch of arthritis compiled with years and current overuse. Do you possibly fit into this category? Also, any type of repetivie motion affects a joint after time. Does your service work cause such? Keep reading, seeking help--best wishes.

Re: Sore feet and elbows!

Melanie on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004194)

HI! Welcome to the club (unfortunatley). I myself just came across this messageboard about 3 days ago. I have been suffering with pains in my feet for about 1 year. I was diagnosed with PF about 2 mos ago. I have been to see a podiatrist who told me the only thing he can do is give me exercises to do and also cortisone shots. Well, no way in hell was I going to get shots in my heels so, I did the stretching. Stretching helped a little but not enough. I still wake up in the morning and can barely walk. I lay in bed doing stretches (usually writing the alphabet with my feet) before I can even think of standing up. I have been wearing Birkenstocks for about a year and I LOVE THEM! I can't wear any other shoes right now, although I am in the process of getting orthotics. The only time I am not wearing shoes is when I sleep. I have hardwood floors throughout my home and I can never go barefoot (inside or outside). It is a terrible thing but luckily I found this messageboard. It keeps me going some days. I would highly recommend that you go back to previous messages. When I first found this page, I smothered people with messages, however, had I looked back a lot of them were already answered for me.. Oops :) I did find however, that people really didn't mind giving me the info again. They are great
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I haven't been suffering for as long as a lot of the people on this messageboard but, it is good to get input from different people. I hope you are doing well (as good as can be expected). Come back soon and write if you'd like.

Melanie :)

Re: Sore feet and elbows!

Angie on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004208)

I was just diagnosed with PF a week ago -- also tennis elbow. Hmmm. I've had trouble with my right hip and lower back for about 4-5 years now too. I'm in Birks and on Lodine XL and the pain is pretty much gone in feet, knees, hip, back and elbow! I know inflammation is a large part of the pain but I read a post about how the alignment of our feet affects the rest of us too. Before the Birks I had been wearing a heel lift from the chirpractor in my left shoe -- helped the hip but wonder how much it threw the rest off? The most disabling pain was all on the right side of my body.

By the way, I'm just 36 and if I dwell on the aches and pains too long I begin to feel really old. Forget that! This board is great!

Re: Sore feet and elbows!

Diane R. on 1/30/99 at 00:00 (004215)

Looks like you are getting good advice from everyone, birks, birks etc. As to the elbow problem... well that's part of the connective tissue syndrome and you may have weakness in many of these areas of your body like I do. Right now, PF is better thanks to birks, but I have a torn rotar cuff in the shoulder. On the net I found links to that condition - nothing as good as this site for PF - and one site mentioned torn shoulder, tennis elbow, bursitis, and PF as 'all in the same family' of problems. I have had 3 of those 4! I now realize I need to be more careful of stressing my joints in the future to avoid more of this type of pain. The shoulder is as bad and sometimes worse than the PF pain and I'm sure you could sometimes say about your elbow. Good luck