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Re: Birks, fit is most important-Yes!(long-enter at your own risk))

Posted by Peggy on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004274)

Thanks for your comments. I bought my first pair of Birks last week and they are the full shoe type because I work with horses and need some toe cover. The footbed felt so good that I may have over done it! I wore the shoes all week long and now my knees & leg muscles hurt. I have had knee trouble all my life and don't want to aggravate that too!

Also, the shoes don't bend at the arch. You say to glide...is this normal. I feel like I am walking like a duck. Shoes feel really big in the front and I must wear thick socks. Could they be too big? The bottom of feet do feel good but am I creating other problems. Would you suggest my backing off and starting over again? Thanks for any suggestions.