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One more time

Posted by CJ on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004277)

Went back to doctor today. I had gotten my insoles three weeks ago. The one that is the most important won't stay in place and hampers the healing process. I had so much pain that he gave me another cortisone shot and said this is the last time for waiting. Next time we schedule Surgery. He wanted to do it today, but we are down to one car, and I need to be off my foot for at least two weeks.
Last week, since the one car was in the shop, I was running the kids back and forth to work. That of course, didn't help matters any. I am hoping that I can find something to get the insole to stay in the shoe, I may even try superglue or something of that nature.
Insurance company since this was an accident, is giving a stink to all the prices. My lawyer is sitting on his butt until surgery is done.
Really have been very depressed. I know there are others in the same boat as I am in, just thought I needed a shoulder to cry on for a bit.
Thanks for all your posts. They really do help a lot.


Re: One more time

Dayna on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004314)

Velcro. Go get the velcro dots that have adhesive on them. Stick one end on the shoe, position the insert and press down hard. My boss uses doublestick tape with hers (she can wear sandals and it sticks nicely to the smooth footbed).

As for surgery, the majority opinion here is be very careful about that, it doesn't always help and sometimes makes it worse. Your lawyer should be working for you to find the right help for you, what will happen if the surgery doesn't work?

Now, tell your insurance claim person to take a large roofing nail, bang it into his/her heel, stomp around a while, and then tell you that it's too expensive to try to fix it. ARGGHH

! It really gripes my cookies when people who don't know what they're talking about talk about it. I had a change of insurance recently so when I flared up again I had to get a referral from my Primary Care Physician before I could see my podiatrist. He told me that 'there's nothing I can do for you, you'll just have to learn to live with chronic pain'! So I paid myself to see my podiatrist. 1/2 an hour with the ultrasound, some Daypro, some extra support in the arch (arch support bands) and ice and rest, I was off the cane and walking normally in two days. Cost $45, then I get the bill from the doctor, $69 to tell me to live with it, I called the insurance company and told them not to pay it, but they did anyway.

Re: One more time

Alicia on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004338)

CJ: Please think long and hard about the surgery. Don't let anyone bully you into it (especially the lawyer) Maybe you need a new lawyer? It is very easy to get depressed about this condition. I'm also worried about how many cortisone shots you have had. Reading this message board can give you much info about shots and surgery. Something doesn't sound right about your inserts (are they custom made orthotics? or over the counter?) I have had custom made ones and they fit perfectly in my walking shoes and any tie shoe (although they don't really help decrease the pain in my feet). I've had PF for 8 years and have not really found anything that helps very much. I guess my point is, be wary of surgery and any more cortisone. Tell your lawyer to get real and help you, or get a new lawyer. Oh, and hang in there - there are many of us in the same boat.

Re: One more time

CJ on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004343)

Thanks for the support. Today has really been a bad day for me.
The more I think of it, the less I like the surgery. It wouldn't be the first time I got talked into surgery. I have had 'Five' back operations and each time, the same problems come back after a short while.
I am very prone to scar tissue and was afraid that this may happen in my foot too.
The doctor is saying either 'do surgery' or there is nothing else I can do for you' type deals. Pain meds don't help that much, and with the depression, it isn't easy to get along with anyone.
My family is just telling me to hurry up,shut up, and do something or quit complaining.
When I tell them how long I would have to be off my feet, they all just 'OK already'. I know what they did when I did have the back surgeries, and that was about zilch, so why should I expect more now?

Anyway, thanks guys for the support. Until my sister finally had some back pain, she just thought 'I was faking it'. Now she knows better.
My family just sees the dollar signs at the end of the lawyer's talk, and think that it will solve everything too.
Nice way for a family to think of you isn't it, by what money you can provide for them?


Re: One more time

CJ on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004344)

I do have custom orthodontics. That was one thing the insurance did pay for, but they keep slipping in the shoe that needs it the most.
I will try the velcro and tape and hopefully that will help, if not, I will have to glue them to one pair of shoes and wear them all the time.

Re: One more time

Dayna on 2/02/99 at 00:00 (004375)

1)Dump the doctor, go see another one, appeal to insurance if you need to, this person's doing nothing for you.

2)Nice family, yeah, right. I wish I could lend you mine, they've been just great. As an idea, tell them to take a large roofing nail, bang it into their heel, leave a bit sticking out, stomp around on it for a while, and then when they know what they're talking about let them talk about it. As with your sister, I'm sorry about her back but sometimes that's what it takes to get an appreciation of the suffering of others.

3)Pound that roofing nail into their heads, it won't help, but it might make you feel better. Chronic pain is just that, painful and chronic, it doesn't go away, it eats away at your energy, your emotions, it kills just as effectively as a bullet or a knife. Don't listen to them, they know Nothing. Come here when you need to whine or moan or whimper or scream or cry or the gazillion other emotions we go through as we deal with this. This makes me so angry!

3)What do you mean $ for them?!?! Hey baby, that's your money, and anyway it won't compensate you for the loss of mobility that PF brings, so you keep every red cent of it for yourself.

4)Don't give up, email me if you want, now or later, I care, we all do so keep us informed of how you're doing.

Re: One more time

suzi on 2/02/99 at 00:00 (004378)

Dayna, You're absolutely hysterical, I love your attitude