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Re: Birks, fit - F.U. to Peggy

Posted by Diane R. on 2/01/99 at 00:00 (004300)

Peggy - It's so hard (by e-mail) to describe everything isn't it?? But it does sound to me as if you perhaps did overdo it with the birks, especially if they initially felt good and now are causing problems. Some of the leg pain (if it is in the lower front calves area) may be from walking differently and it goes away with 10 days or so.

But, it can't hurt to try a more conservative approach and 'ease' into full time wearing. I can't quite relate to learning to wear birks other than the sandal type Arizona style - as that was recommended to me at the birk store and on this site it is the one I started with and continue to wear. (Although I now can wear some closed shoes with birk inserts from time to time)

Since you asked... I'm trying to put myself in your position and... my 'gut instinct' would be to get some of the AZ sandals and start with indoor uses and the sitting etc. until you feel really good with that and then combine it with some short part-time wearing of the outdoor full shoe birks you now have and see if this helps. So many people are getting better with the birks and I truly hope you will too! Diane R.