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What type of Dr is best???? Orthopedic or Podiatrist??

Posted by Kris on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004455)

I have been suffering with PF almost a year now. Getting worse. I stand all day at work (and have been for 17 years) I have been seeing an orthopedist who has prescribed 4 different anti-inflammatory Rx plus painkillers over the months, I have had cortisone shot (worse than childbirth) therapy, Tulis heel cups, ice etc. I am fed up with no relief and want to look elsewhere for a new dr, Would a podiatrist or another orthopedic dr be better???

Re: What type of Dr is best???? Orthopedic or Podiatrist??

BarbJ on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004458)

I would stick with an orthopedic dr. Having said that I am beginning to realize that while some drs., physical therapists, acupuncturists, etc. are better than others, none will give any further advice than you can get by reading and studying not only these messages but the reports and articles Scott has put together at the beginning of this site. Wonderful information and lots of help. I would try to get a doctor with, and I believe this is most important, an open mind--one who is willing to listen to what you have to say about some of the treatments you read about here and discuss what may actually be best for you. Finally, is there any way your company would transfer you to a job where you could get off your feet--at least until you can (hopefully) get rid of the pf? Best of luck to you--we understand your frustration and know the pain and have all felt many times like we don't know what else to do. Just never give up.

Re: What type of Dr is best???? Orthopedic or Podiatrist??

eileen on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004463)

I am also in favor of trying another orothopedic doc., maybe one with a specialty in athletic injuries or foot specialty. I tried 7 different anti-inflamatories till I found one that relieved the pain. I finally found Clinoril and taking it twice a day to be the only drug of all the samples I was give to work for me. So dont give up. Its a long slow process of finding the right treatment and medication that will work for you. Everybodys body is different and reacts differently to medications and different treatment. You need to be your own medical advocate, and do whats right for you.
I also feel you should at this point find a job that is not on your feet. The difference in constant pain and occasional can be a change in lifestyle for a while or permanently. My heel pain is 99% gone on a day to day basis since I changed jobs and stopped walking miles a day. I know can walk a mall and do all daily activities pain free. I continue to stretch daily. I am off antiinflamatories at this time. I did go through 2 long years of all the usual treatments without effect, and finally had epf in 8/97 with only mild relief of pain. The most pain relief I have had is changing to a sitting job and stopping a reg exersice routine. I hope to restart slowly in the spring if my feet feel good. time will tell.
good luck--eileen

Re: What type of Dr is best???? Orthopedic or Podiatrist??

bj on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004465)

I have had similar problems for nearly 1 year. Rx drugs and IBProfen only helped a small amount. A Podiatrist only wanted to inject, inject, inject. This helps for a couple of days - maybe a couple of weeks. Finally I went to a orthopedic who specialized in foot and ankle. She gave me excerises (also injected once) and a night splint. If this does not help, she recommends a cast for about 4 weeks. I have found the excerises (and stretches) to help the most. Also be sure to wear shoes with good archs to keep weight off the heel as much as possible. I have had alot of relief but after sitting have terrible pain for a few steps. The splint makes my leg hurt so I have stopped that. I'm trying wrapping now. Ice seems to be the best relief after walking.
Best wishes - I completely understand -- I thought I was alone with this problem.

Re: What type of Dr is best???? Orthopedic or Podiatrist??

Paul on 2/05/99 at 00:00 (004502)

Podiatrist deal with nothing but feet so they are very sepcialized. As good sports podiatrist is better than a Orthopedic any day.