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Bare Feet

Posted by Lyndel on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004472)

Everyone says not to go without your shoes? My feet hurt when I get up in the moring for about the first 10 steps but then the stretch out and feel better. I have orthapedic inserts which cost me a bundle and have helped a bunch but lately they hurt my arches and bite on the heel. I've been able to stay home a lot this week and have been walking stocking footed around the house and my feet feel much better. The minute I put my boots on with my inserts, I take about 20 steps and my feet start killing me! Anyone else have this or am I on my own?

I tried Birks today and the arch was so high when I walked on them the hurt the arch of my foot but took away the pain completly from my heel. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for the info everyone. Sure is nice to hear how everyone else is doing and know I'm not alone in this handicap! Some of the messages scared the heck out of me and boy am I doing my leg stretchs like the doctor told me to do months ago! Every foot doctor should have internet access and have this web page in their office for paitents to see! Better yet, get some docs to comment on this forum!

Re: Bare Feet

Michelle on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004478)

I was told never to go bare foot. I put my shoes on the minute I get out of bed. I only take them off to shower and then they go right back on. I hate to wear shoes all the time & I wish I could just wear socks around the house.

Re: Bare Feet

Sarah on 2/04/99 at 00:00 (004489)

I've just started getting pain, but I'm pretty sure it is from not having arch supports in my working boots and walking barefoot around the house. It just seems to me that anything that hurts must not be good for your feet, and anything that makes the pain go away is good. I'm certainly no expert, but I'd say listen to your body.

Re: Bare Feet

Mary D on 2/05/99 at 00:00 (004498)

Are you wearing cowboy type boots or mid hgh? It makes a difference. The boot itself puts your foot in a suspended stretch. It adds to our problemms. Try swithching your shoes more often and wear those boots a little less.
Did you have your berks fitted at the store or by direct. If direct, you may have the wrong size. But birks are not for everyone. I love them becasue it places my heel lower and I get a daylong stretch. NewBalance also seems to be a good choice.
Thanks for the Melatonian (sp?) I don't have Wal Mart here, but I will go to the my local Naturalpath store.
Happy Feet to You. Mary D

Re: Bare Feet

Julia on 2/05/99 at 00:00 (004513)

First to comment about the Birks, they take about a week to get totally broken in. They are hurting your arches because 1. The arch might be too high or 2. it is just stretching out your tight foot.

Next, I sometime have the same problem about barefeet. i am barefoot a lot until I find that my foot is starting to hurt then the Birks go on my feet and they feel all better. I don't have custom orthotics just store bought ones but they only hurt my feet if I have been walking in them all day.

Re: Bare Feet

Eileen on 2/05/99 at 00:00 (004518)

I've only had this pain for 20 days, and havn't purchased anything special, but being bare foot doesn't seem to make my feet worse or better. I have intense pain even when doing nothing, with my feet up. That too me is what makes this so bad, that it doesn't let up. From when it first happened to now, it is improved or not as intense, but still hurts around the clock.