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first time here, got birks, thanx

Posted by happy on 2/05/99 at 00:00 (004511)

well i finally got on last night and found this site. looked at all the info and went down and bought birks right afterwards. found that the soft clog called 'boston' was most supportive. i shall wear them as slippers around the home. they cost $104. felt expensive, and cramped my legs a little at first. now, today, i realize i am walking different wearing them; i actually think i an walking corectly, like perhaps i had been walking wrong after 6 months of this pain and feeling like a cripple. well, i was able to do twice as much today around the home, with half the pain wearing these! thanks to you all who posted here prior and got me to open my wallet for these shoes. i see some hope in my future... thanx!
DMSO has helped some but after a while it makes me feel terriable.
I found that 'Young Living Essential Oils' have helped. they have an oil called 'pain away', it works, but only for a few hours. now i love many of thier oils for various healing needs.
i so needed the push to get these shoes to assist in daily life. i an so happy to have fallen onto this site. i wish u all the best! Thanx everyone,