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Strategies of mental adjustment

Posted by Lorena on 2/05/99 at 00:00 (004547)

How do you keep your spirits high? How do you deal effectively with setbacks? How do you maintain balance? Do you find self-reflection/meditation helpful? Any innovations, strategies? Funny stories? Since I've been disabled with P-F (on crutches since 12/5) I've decided on a career change, started to read fiction again (Annie Dillard), spent more time on the phone with my friends, gone to art galleries in a wheelchair (the ONLY way to go, check it out), started a book, and learned HTML. I've also dissolved in tears, was depressed for a week here and here, and felt like I was going to explode. More recently I can feel what acceptance is like. A friend of mine suggested I use the time to look inward, and I think this has contributed a little to my physical healing process. What about you?

Re: Strategies of mental adjustment

chris on 2/06/99 at 00:00 (004555)

I think sometimes things happen for a reason. At least that helps me accept the PF. it's made me slow down, and focus more on inner things.
I've also found that accepting it doesn't mean I have to have let it rule me. Finding some way to exercise has been a way to get back my life. but this time I'm paying much more attention to my body. which pf has taught me. So with the risk of sounding like 'up with people', I keep trying to look for what's good about pf, and what I can learn from it.

meditation is very very helpful, also st johns wort, and a sense of humor!

and finally, knowing that people do get better from this.

thanks for sharing!

Re: Strategies of mental adjustment

Melody on 2/06/99 at 00:00 (004585)

Lorena-I was delighted to read that you also have looked inward to balance feelings
about self healing. I was diagnosed about 1 yr ago w/pf L ft & 1 mo ago with PF R FT.
It has changed my life, however I do know things could be worse. I do give thanks for
the blessings that I do have & am searching for answers to help me get thru this.
Finding this message board has been of great support! It has been wonderful reading
fellow sufferers experiences. In fact, it has spiritually uplifted me. I have learned more
here - than from my Dr. Now, this may sound crazy & thats okay--I will share a tidbit
with you. I was in Sedona, AZ a few months ago in a New Age Shop reading a book about
ways of healing--for the feet meditate with black onyx. I have not noticed a difference
yet-but I have not done it every day either.Hope this helps-out of room-Good Luck-Melody

Re: Strategies of mental adjustment

Bobbie on 2/07/99 at 00:00 (004595)

I work at my mental attitutde all the time and I have decided that there is no doctor or miracle cure. I feel like the ball is in my corner now and I must be the one to cure myself or at least make it better. I believe I will now try losing weight, exercise, and try to get my life back into a healthy routine. It may not help the PF but maybe it will help my mental attitude. I say all this but sometimes the pain and disability still drags me down and I have to kick myself to get me out of depression. So, with saying all this, I now plan on joining a health club and begin exercise, swimming, and losing weight. This is not an easy thing to do at my age and having never been an active exercise person in the first place, I just hope I can stick to it. Anyway, I have tried everything else except surgery so what do I have to lose. Wish me luck :-)

Re: Strategies of mental adjustment

Sally T. on 2/07/99 at 00:00 (004603)

Lorena, I fight depression by reading fiction alot, too. I also go to college part time. I think that has really saved my sanity. I'm too busy with the school work to think about my feet. I also do alot of snowmobiling. It gets me out into the fresh air without having to be on my feet. I can also ice my feet at the same time
(ha, ha)

Re: Strategies of mental adjustment Lorena

Gabby on 2/07/99 at 00:00 (004619)

Hi Lorena. Have youever tried Hatha Yoga? It's fabulous and you don't have to be on your feet. You might like it. It is very relaxing, a good workout and you can do a lot of the exercises using props so you don't hurt your feet any more. Wish you the best.

Re: Strategies of mental adjustment

BarbJ on 2/08/99 at 00:00 (004631)

Dear Bobbie--I wish you the best of luck. I am 52 years old and after quitting smoking numerous times since turning 40 (and finally succeeding!) gained about 50-60 pounds. I have now lost 20 pounds since September by exercising regularly on my recumbent bike and attending weight watchers. It's not easy sticking to the bike routine since my favorite exercise has always been walking (I miss it sooo much!) As I age I realize more and more the importance of having a good quality of life. I think this means hard work (especially since I always took my health and body for granted before this). So, good luck to us both. Keep writing--I'll be reading.