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2nd post, more progress. possible strategy., exercise.

Posted by Chris on 2/06/99 at 00:00 (004554)

Had posted some time ago that I was starting accupunture. I'm on my 11th visit. it's been up and down. A few visits were very painful. but I had almost forgot what it used to be like before accu. My right foot is virtually pain free. the morning heel hell has been much less severe. my left foot is still a source of pain, but it's getting manageable. I would say the accu helped 98% on my rh foot, and about 70% on the left. the Dr. is aware of that and is getting more aggressive with it, as my last visit was about as close to torture as I've ever felt.

I'd also like to make aware that my chiropractor has been trying some things geared towards our problem. He's just now working on the theory that the sacrum [spelling?] can pull/constrict all the way down to the heel area. He's been trying a few things out with myself and some other pf patients with pretty good results. I will post his web page location asap, as he's about to post his findings and strategies.

Third: [sorry, for the long post] Feeling frustrated, I went back to my gym after being inactive for the last 18 months. I was determined to find something I could do. I happened to find a trainer who was also a phys-therapist. I asked him about the machines I could use that would involve minimum impact, as my old routine would of been to use the stairmaster etc. turned out he had pf himself, and was very aware of pain we go through.

He showed me some of the newest eliptical machines and recumbent bikes. Trust me on this, the pro-gym stuff is light years ahead of the department store stuff. I'm happily back at the gym 3 days a week, and gradually getting my cardio back. If you haven't been to real fitness center lately, I would suggest you check it out, try to talk to someone who understands at the very least rehab. and do things very very slow. Just being able to move my body again, has made me feel like I'm in control again, rather than pf controlling me.

And finally, I had been slacking on my stretching, but now that I remember to do it a couple of times of day,[post-its on the bathroom mirror help] I'm seeing great results! I tried the golf/tennis ball thing too, and that felt real good. Also still taking the gluco sulfate, had ran out and really noticed the difference when I stopped. and as posted earlier: birks.

All in all, I'm trying everything, and using a pragmatic approach. keep what works and move on from what doesn't.

As always my gratitude to Scott, and others for support and posts


Background: 40yr old male, spurs since june, hip problems forever, occupation: pianist- {caused carpal from hell)
wood floors, standard shift!, bad shoes. overuse of feet. 20lb weight gain as a result of pf

Re: 2nd post, more progress. possible strategy., exercise.

Gina on 2/06/99 at 00:00 (004572)

Just want to say that I had my 11th acupuncture treatment and afterwards, I was painfree for an hour or two. Couldn't believe it. My right foot is coming along very well; the left, always much worse, is slowly making progress, from that nail-in-the-heel feeling to more an an ache. Finally feel like I'm improving after 2 years. Am also stretching, swimming, and doing the golf-ball massage. Just hope I can get to painfree before I'm broke! Acupuncturist keeps telling me not to overdo it, so I'm trying that too!