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Tell me about surgery please?

Posted by Sarah in SF, CA on 2/07/99 at 00:00 (004617)

Hi-- I was happy to read your message! My doctor(s) haven't encouraged surgery, but I've tried icing, stretches, night splints, and now cortisone shots, and am curious to hear exactly what the surgery was and how it went, i.e., the process, the recovery, the kind of pain you had, what you tried first, where you had it done. What exactly do they do to your foot? I too dream of hiking and don't believe that this won't end (most of the time). Thanks!

Re: Tell me about surgery please?- Sarah in SF

Sandy on 2/08/99 at 00:00 (004623)

Hi Sarah! I feel you pain! I had ultra sound treatments, water bath treatments, electrode treatments, cortizone shots, wrapping, icing, massage, inactivity, wore hiking boots for 6 months solid, I have and still wear orthodics, night splints, you name it, I think I did it until I had had enough. My surgery was very sinple, an incision on the inside of my foot below the ankle and s 3/4 of the way cut on the pf. The first week was rugged but I wa on my feet after 7 days and everyday got better. There was a lot of burning in my heels for the first 2 weeks and I thought I would go wild, but the more I walked, the better my feet would feel the next day. I had no swelling and was into regular shoes within the week. I was unconfortable only for 2 weeks. Not bad considering the years that I suffered with both feet in daily, constant pain. My e-mail id (email removed). Please feel free to drop and line and I can give you more info on exactly what my dr. did. I did have out patient but went under for the 20 minute surgery. For me that was the most comfortable was to do it. Sandy