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New Dr. - Different Advise

Posted by Michelle on 2/08/99 at 00:00 (004642)

I went to a new foot Dr. today because the other foot Dr. I went to 2 weeks ago, I heard a lot of bad things about him and he put my foot in a cast w/no explanation. Anyway, the new Dr. discovered that I have one foot longer than the other and gave me a heel wedge to put my shoe and taped my other foot that was really hurting me. I was told that the taping will tell what kind of orthodics I will be able to wear. I go to therapy again. I just stopped going about a month ago (they thought they had cured me). I hope that I get some relief w/this. Keep ya posted.


Re: New Dr. - Different Advise

Dayna on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004727)

Please do, I found taping did tell what would work, as it helped some but not enough, so we had an idea of what direction to go with custom orthotics. Sometimes you just need a different way of looking at it, which often means Dr shopping until you find one that works for you.

Re: New Dr. - Different Advise

Sue on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004732)

I was referred to a podiatrist and went to my first appt. today. I don't think they have ever seen anyone like me. I had a medical resume including onset, symptoms, remedies tried, and options. The remedies tried included stretching, icing, Birk inserts, Birk sandals, ibuprofen. I actually took 3 different shoes in for his review. The bottom line was take 800mg of ibuprofen and tape my foot. I said I had been the anti-inflammatory route already. He said take some more and come back to get re taped. Did the tape help you?

Re: New Dr. - Different Advise

Michelle on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004736)

I had the tape on for 2 days and it did seem to help. I have tried the stretching and ice and really haven't found that much relief. I really casued pain to myself today by accidnetly running after my dogs and I felt a tearing in my heel. It hurtt so bad now that I am unable to put my heel on the ground. I learned my lesson....NO running. I hope that the taping works for you. Good Luck.

Re: New Dr. - Different Advise

Shelby on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004737)

Hi Michelle.....I really feel for you. I have been icing and taking advil and staying off my heel and it was beginning to be a little less painful......than I tripped over the dog lease, slide down the steps and landed with all my weight on my heel....now I also can't put my heel to the floor.