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ice, heat, ice, heat really helps the pain

Posted by Becky on 2/08/99 at 00:00 (004653)

Finally I tried this method that was recommended to me. I used a bag of ice for about 20 minutes then took my shower and had the hot, hot water out of the bottom part run over my heel and arch. I then iced again (while sitting at my computer of course) and got my foot back under the faucet with hot hot water again till it ran out. The pain is much less now.
I remember when I did pt, they always stuck me in the whirlpool then iced my foot. PT sucks! ICe then heat is better. I proved it.
AT least it works for me. I would stand on my head and sing if it would get rid of the pain and take a whole bottle of pills a day if it would help the pain.
For those of you who get my Ossatron update e-mail. Thanks again for being willing to receive this. Helps me alot. Like I said I am not pain free but finally on the way where the pain level has gone down a few notches. :)

Re: ice, heat, ice, heat really helps the pain

Bobbie on 2/08/99 at 00:00 (004658)

Hi Becky! I am so glad to hear that the pain has subsided somewhat. Maybe you are on the right track. Keep us posted.

Re: ice, heat, ice, heat really helps the pain

Susie on 2/09/99 at 00:00 (004675)

I have had Pf for 10 years and have just been suffering with it
I wasn't aware of night splints, taping , icing or anything. I just
assumed I was the 1 in a million that had it and no use asking the
doctor. Since then I have tried taping(using Scott's diagram) and it helped alot, and will now try your ice,heat method. Going to the doctor next week to see what else can be done. All thanks to this site. Thanks, thanks thanks