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Re: Ditto on the Hiking boots and Calf Exercise

Posted by John C. on 2/09/99 at 00:00 (004663)

Rick, I found your comments on the hiking boots very interesting. I have had PF for 10 months in left foot. I am a runner, hiker, and skier. Last summer, during my very bad time, I took a vacation to the Teton Mtns. I like to hike and planned a 16 mile hike even though I though it would cripple me for awhile. I had a pair of Merrill boot that are very stiff and put a Dr. Scholls arch support insert in them. I took a full dose of Advil during the day that I hiked. What really suprised me was, instead of waking up the next morning in terrible pain, I was pain free and this lasted for about 10 days. Just last week, I took a ski trip to Colorado and skied for 5 days out of 7. No pain. My foot felt better than ever with the ski boots. I have come to believe that, for me, a shoe that is very rigid in the arch part helps very much.

I have also had some experiencies with the calf exercises. I have gone to a gym for the last 15 years and one of the regular things that I have done for a long time are toe raises to strengthen the calf muscles. There have been times that I stopped doing them thinking that they would cause stress on the plantar. Instead, what I have found is that my PF feels better when I do the toe raises. I usually just do them on a step and raise my body weight on one foot at a time. I have tried doing these on a calf machine instead of the toe raises and have found that these caused increased pain.

Hope this is of help. Good luck....