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just checking in

Posted by barbara2 on 2/09/99 at 00:00 (004674)

Hi Folks!
I think I've decided to not have surgury, at least for now.
Asked my Dr. some more questions, she was affronted when I asked for the # of EPFs she'd done, and wouldn't give me a straight answer whether she would do the surgury or use me as a 'learner' for a Dr. student. (Some HMO, huh?) I think its time for a new Dr.
She did great taping, but won't do it anymore, I think the HMO must have a rule about that, too.
Oooh! I sound a little crabby.
Actually been doing okay lately. My PT recommended a cane. At first I felt really self-conscious, but I'm getting used to it. Found a new shoe store that does terric inserts-
called Foot-so-Port in Beaverton, Oregon which is just outside of Portland.
I'm trying to keep my spirits up. I appreciate humor (even dark humor). If any of you have any to share, I'm a great audience.
Thanks for letting me dump (my hubby appreciates it, too.)

Re: just checking in

Bobbie on 2/09/99 at 00:00 (004677)

Hi Barbara2! I live across the river in Vancouver and am interested in the shoe store you mentioned. What type of shoes and supports do they sell? I think you are smart to avoid surgery unless you are 100% sure this is what you want and you have 100% confidence in your doctor. Our pain is horrible as it is, I can't imagine having surgery that makes things worse - OUCH! Until people have severe pain in thier feet, they can not understand what a disability it is. I too use a cane when my feet are bad or when I try to get up in the night and walk (or try to walk) to the bathroom. I put off that job as long as possible - ha!