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no, back to you Susie :-)

Posted by Lyndel on 2/10/99 at 00:00 (004683)


Yes, I sure do live in a great area! I tried living in Seattle but hated it! To much of everything! People, cars, homes, trees! Yep, never thought I'd see to many trees until I lived in Seattle! Couldn't see the forrest because of the trees! :~)

My trip to Yellowstone National Park (I go there at least once a week) was pretty uneventfull. No deer, bighorn sheep, elk or bufallo this time. Weather was to bad. Blowing and drifting snow made visibility about 20 feet! Animals were smart, they stayed in the trees and valleys. Snow is getting deep down there. About 8 feet on the level now. Oh well, like I said, I wouldn't live anywhere else even if our summers are only 3 months long and winter is 9 months! :~)

Wish we had good insurance with my good job! (guess I cant have everything!) My company pays less than 10% of my PF bills so far! Guess thats better than none right? In November my wife and I where rear-ended by a semi truck at a stoplight. Thank god that guys insurance is paying for that! Our medical bills have already topped 10 grand and the repair to my service truck (a 1997 full size club cab ford pickup) was over 6 grand! As if my PF wasn't enough to deal with now I've got to live with a constant neck pain. The specialist told us both that we will probally have neck pain for the rest of our lifes now and it could get worse anytime down the road! GREAT! Just what I needed ontop of sore feet! Guess I should just beat up the rest of my body and then I would feel the same all over and not know the difference anymore and feel normal! :~)

Most people think my name is a female name. I'm a ham radio operator who operates morse code. They usually ask if I'm a male or female so I'm pretty use to it. :~)

If you want to see this ham radio operator in action, check out the pictures at the following web page. There are a bunch so it will take a while to load. These pictures are pre 'PF' days when I could still hike to the mountian top to work and not hurt! Oh how I wish I still could hike! You'll like the pictures and views!