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Visit some time!

Posted by Lyndel on 2/10/99 at 00:00 (004714)


Well, you can do what 4 million people do each year and come up for a visit to Yellowstone National Park! They have great trails and board walks. I prefer the board walks because the pavement kills my feet! Don't take a wheel chair tho....aint nothing like watching someone in a wheel chair trying to out run a buffalo on the scenic trails around Old Faithfull....I'm just kidding :~)

Anyway...today was a ruff day in Big Sky country. We had a blizzard run through here last night about about 40 to 60 MPH and visibility at about 10pm was about 10 feet for about 2 to 3 hours! This morning when I had to drive to Billings for work (150 miles) it was tough. Visibility was still about 25 feet on the top of the Bozeman Pass and the winds were howling at about 60 MPH. Before the storm hit it was drizzeling and so the interstate was about 2 inches thick with ice for about 100 miles. Still, we made it to Billings on time. Was able to keep my speed at about 70MPH since everyone (including the trucks) were staying in the s l o w lane and letting me by! Today is a day that southerners would say, 'you can keep your stinking freezing blowning snowy Montana weather!' :~)

Oh well, gonna be in the mid 40's by this weekend and we'll be back in our short sleeves and shorts! :~) I'm kidding, I don't wear short pants, only wranglers!

Feet are getting better! The stretching and intake of Calcium are doing the job! In just a week of stretching my feet hurt very little now. I had to stand most of the day today and they still felt pretty good. Now as I type at 11pm for the first time in two weeks they dont hurt at all! Finally some relief!

good night all,


Re: Visit some time!

eta on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004735)

Wow... sounds great... believe it or not.. I've not been hardly anywhere in my life.:(
My hubba says he wants us to put in for Europe (he is military) before he retires, so that I can see 'the world'. We havent' decided yet but the thought of Europe is enticing as long as I don't have to walk there...lol.
Anyways, glad to hear your feet are doing well. I have good days and bad. Just when it seems I am taking a step forward I ended two back:( ..lol oh well.
Actually I need a Cure for this coming tuesday... Mardi Gras ya know!
Mister doesnt throw to a sitter
I'm sure i'll make it through the day, but will pay the price for it. sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.

blessings !