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Pain is going away...

Posted by Kristin on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004734)

I've read this site for awhile and know how encouraging and uplifting it is when you can read about someone having some relief from this awful injury. I was diagnosed in July with PF and tried the conservative treatments-ultrasound, orthorics and stretching. I finally agreed to a coritsone shot in early December. Since then I have S L O W L Y begun to heal. I stretch and ice and for the last two or three weeks have had maybe one day where it was a little tender. This last week I have been completely pain free. As I read this, it sounds like a short period of time to be pain free, but going for a few hours is an accomplishment let alone 2-3 weeks. I realize the shots don't work for everyone and there are risks, but this has proved to be effective for me. I hope I don't have a relapse but I am thinking positive and following the rules. I've found going to the gym and riding the bike and stairmill has kept me sane. I wish everyone well and hope your healing comes soon. Sorry this was so long, but providing some hope was my goal. Take care, I'll keep you posted.

Re: Pain is going away...

Bea on 2/11/99 at 00:00 (004738)

I'm happy you are doing well but to clarify, the cortisone will take away the pain but that is all it will do and just for a relatively short time, it varies with different people, but that is all it does, it does not cure and there are very dangerous side effects. Please be careful, some doctors use cortisone to get you off their back so you will stop complaining about the pain. It is very tempting to take it bevause we would all like to be pain free but the price you can pay for this therapy is something to be considered seriously.