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get it checked !

Posted by Lyndel on 2/12/99 at 00:00 (004764)


Get it checked by the surgen! My friend had the same thing. He came to me and asked me all about my heal pain when he started getting his about 6 months after I started with PF. He went to my Podiatrist and over a couple of months time was told he didn't have PF but they weren't sure what it was and in the mean time they gave him a total of over 6 cortizone shots in a couple of months! Finally, he was fustrated (he's a school teacher and stands all day) and another person told him to see a Ortho surgen. Turns out he had a tumor in his heal! After the surgery, they said that his heal was just a shell and they had to graft bone from his hip into the cavity what was once his heal. Talk about scare you! It's been a month since the surgery and he is already without a cast and walking in his normal shoes and feeling normal again! I'm gonna goto this surgen as soon as I can make enough money to pay for it. My own foot troubles couple with mine and my wifes dentist bills have completly tapped us out for money so have to wait and see.

I'm not saying you have a tumor! I'm just saying that is just another thing that needs to be checked into for all of us! You just never know until they tell you!

I got custom Orthodics (sp?) and mine helped a lot! cost 300 bucks but they helped. Now trying to decide if I want to spend the money on birks. Got sized for them yesterday, now just gotta see if I can afford them soon.

Good luck

Re: get it checked !-Lyndel please read!

Sandy in Ohio on 2/13/99 at 00:00 (004791)

You know, I thought of that...possibly having a tumor. I see my regular doctor in another month and I am going to mention my bump on my heel. He's the one who recommended the podiatrist I have been going to. I am going to ask him to recommend an orthopedic surgeon. Question: the podiatrist took x-trays; wouldn't a tumor show up on that?