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Re: Mary Ann - Ossatron not for me.

Posted by Diane R. on 2/14/99 at 00:00 (004807)

I'll let Becky respond to your question more fully, as to exactly how is she doing - but Becky has been generous enough to share all her pain and her experience with the Ossatron through e-mail updates - I feel fortunate to be included on her list! I'm sure she would add you if you'd like to be included.

She went through terrible pain from the treatment, after the treatment, and is still suffering from her PF pain - so, for myself, after reading all her e-mail posts, I won't be having the Ossatron.

Re: Mary Ann - Ossatron not for me.

Mary Ann on 2/14/99 at 00:00 (004809)

Thanks Diane, I look forward to the information.

Re: Mary Ann - Ossatron not for me.

ossatron on 2/15/99 at 00:00 (004822)

a typical patient does not typically respond to the ossatron until weeks # 6 - 12. This is due to the mechanism of healing - trauma leads to neovascularity which leads to new tissue generation. This process usually takes at least 6 weeks to kick in (recall your experience with broken bones). Based on Becky's status, we are confident that she will show great improvement. Perhaps in a few weeks you will change your mind. Good luck.