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Scott: bromelian etc, etc..for pain/inflammation

Posted by Diane R. on 2/15/99 at 00:00 (004823)

Scott - Sorry, I misread your previous message. As to 'supplements' I have been dilgently taking glucosamine sulfate, calcium with magnesium, vit. C for over a year.. in fact I was somewhat disappointed that I could get this tendonitis/should tear with all the supplements and good stuff I'm trying to do for my body - but I did get it and then did take the bromelian. Unfortunately bromelian seems to upset my stomach and did not improve the shoulder pain/inflammation for me. I have increased my vit. C and added zinc to my daily dose of pills. Figure it can't hurt - but I had not seen any marked improvement - until this Lodine samples the dr. gave me.

Have not yet tried any of those other supplements you listed - and will keep them in mind for future. Unless I develop stomach problems from this Lodine, I plan to keep taking it for at least a month and let it do it's thing - as this is the best I've been since Nov. It's too bad this is such a trial & error deal and what works for one doesn't work for all, etc. (I've also learned from past experience with NSAID's that if I get a new flare of this shoulder say a year from now - that this Lodine may not work at all for me the next time. Very frustrating.)

P.S. My PF has been doing so well with the birks but I do abuse them with the standing long hrs. at work and that gives me tired/sore feet now and then - this morning they are really great - with not even a hint of soreness - may or may not reflect on this Lodine?