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Aerobic activity for Helene

Posted by Gordon on 2/16/99 at 00:00 (004850)

Aerobic activity that gets the heart pumping will force blood to all parts of the body. The foot would get more blood if it was working hard but it still will get an increase just due to the blood going to the legs. Aerobic activity does a lot more than just cause blood flow. It releives stress, promotes better oxygenation of the blood, and stimulates the adreanal glands etc. The reason I say to do it on your back is to give your feet a break. But I do plenty of excersice on my feet now that they are good for it. In fact, I have been lifting light weights (less than 40 lbs. for several months now)but I try to do it without standing still (move with some music).

The way I look at it, nothing in the body can heal without plenty of oxygen, which means plenty of blood flow (also the blood cariies away all of the waste material). Now the facia in the foot is a tough leathery piece that is in the worst place to get blood because the foot (like your hands) are a dead end for fluid flow (can you tell I design hydraulics for a living). The whole solution to this problem is to a)keep the injured area bathed in blood flow and b) make sure the blood has got the right stuff in it. There are many approaches to this.

1) Stress, anger, and anxiety screws up the bodies biochemistry and this is one reson why PF suffers don't get better, because when you can't walk you get depressed, angry, etc.
Exercise helps with all of the above.

Note: EVen if you fon't have Fibromyalgia, the same rules apply to us as them (because the symptoms are similar) and the key to Fibro is exercise.
Note: Swimming is good but don't stress your feet on bare concrete or push off teh wall to hard.

Heat and the foot

You would think heat would help circulation and therefore help solve the problem. Well I think it does as long as you don't get any burning sensation as a result of it. For me, I get a burning sensation if I don't let my feet cool down after excersice. If I let them heat up, I notice that the pain starts coming back if I let this happen for a few days or weeks. Any changes that occur are slow.

If your feet are always cold then maybe you could use a little heat on them. I massage my feet with a fork (sounds wierd) but you know how when you scratch an itchy spot on your arm it gets red hot (you've scared up some blood).. well it's the same idea. Try not to do this at the table, one mistake and you've got your foot in your mouth.

Animals know how to fix broken limbs without an HMO. Do you notice how they always chew or knaw at an injured paw. There must be something to it.

Another thing to do is to rub the heel of one foot into the arch of the other. I do this alternating between one foot and the other and this gives them a work out.

Then I do all types of leg raising and stomach crunches alternating so nothing gets abused.
Another thing, I know this one will sound like a bunch of bull but just think about it.

Serotonin levels:
According to what I have read (of which I'm sure is all biased) serotonin has a large impact on blood pressure, blood flow, and peripheral vascular disease (circulation in the hands and feet).
Now if you improve your serotonin levels (5-HTP, don't use Natures Bounty I've tried it and it smells moldy,use Natural Balance brand) you will help sove this problem.

Exercise also helps serotonin!