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Re: Sandra & Gordon: Thanks for the helpful advice

Posted by Diane R. on 2/18/99 at 00:00 (004917)

I printed out your suggestions Gordon, and I intend to follow them as they are sort of what I was doing prior to the bad PT session. I walked into the room, she said lay down, I did, she moved my arm all over the place into painful rotation areas with no warm up and no warning for me. Then she proceeded immediately to go through a list of exercises at 5 repeats each until I just could not proceed and she said we would leave the rubber stretcher exercises until Friday.

I have never tried the sling approach between as it is my right arm and hard to not use it...but may take a look at that idea again.

Thanks to both of you for answering me so promptly. Sometimes you begin to doubt yourself when recover seems slow and so went to the 'professionals' (dr.'s) - then when that causes a problem, they don't even bother to call you back - it's the pits. Am alittle better each day again, but feel I've lost weeks of progress I had made.