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Re: Bea: right on! - athletic shoes: bad!

Posted by Diane R. on 2/22/99 at 00:00 (005001)

My experience with every major brand of top athletic shoes was that they did not help my PF at all. In fact I wore only 'good' athletic shoes all day at work and still got PF even though I got new ones every 3-6 mths.
Finally, --- After 4 bad PF yrs & trying all those athletic type shoes with no success... I switched to wearing birks at work all day. Now am as pain free as is possible if you stand on your feet 8+ hrs a day. I do not limp anymore, can go shopping on weekends, hiking and can even occasionally wear other shoes for short periods without the PF pain returning. Thanks to birks. I wore them for over a year 100% of the time - rotating between 3 pairs I have for work and everyday use at home - (all Arizona style). I decided before the drastic step of surgery to Really give them a try and in less than a month, I could see a noticeable change for the better, and each month was better and better.
They really are ugly shoes, they cost alot, and they take getting used to... but are really worth the effort.