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Nerve problems

Posted by Rosalind on 2/22/99 at 00:00 (005012)


How did you have CMT diagnosed? My podiatrist recommended that if the super duper orthotics that he invented and is famous for don't work, then I should have blood work and an MRI. Unfortunately, I don't have health insurance, which definately causes me anxiety about being tested. I tried his orthotics for a few hours over three days and they nearly crippled me. They caused my nerves to fire continuously, even after they were removed. Right now, the other possible diagnoses he has mentioned are tarsal tunnel syndrome (I have had carpal tunnel syndrome) and neuroma.

I am still in the experimental stage with acupuncture. I think neuromuscular therapy is helpful because it relaxes my muscles which I think are tight and constricting on the nerves and blood vessels, especially at the ankles. The neuromuscular therapist has given me several unusual exercises to do in the bathtub and my bed that seem helpful and I could describe if interested. The regular runners stretches are too hard on me.

Good luck and thanks for your response.