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bad orthotics, good shoes

Posted by r on 2/27/99 at 00:00 (005112)

It made me mad that the doctor I saw (for my second pair of orthotics) said he has a 95% success rate. He said 'I'm Good'. But he refused to guarantee a fit. If he really was so good, then it wouldn't hurt him much to guarantee them. It would certainly hurt him less than me (literally). I guess I'll give up on orthotics, but on my search last night I came across Footmax Orthotics and wonder how well they would work. Does anyone know?

The only really good thing the doctor did was recommend an incredible running shoe. It's the 'Brooks Beast'. The old model is best because it has a even wider footbed under the arch than the new model, and you can still get it. But the new model is still much better than other shoes I've seen. The support is strong but gentle - which it has to be, as I have been referred to as the princess and the pea (remember that story?).