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Posted by Lyndel on 3/01/99 at 00:00 (005150)


Thanks for the info! Something a little positive about PF anyway!

Want some snow? :~) Yesterday was 55 degress above and sunshine making all of us here in Montana think summer was comming. Today at 10 am it's dumping snow, about 3 inches in 3 hours! Darn! Fooled again! Looks like summer will come at its usall time of May or June.


Re: Thanks!

Rhonda on 8/17/98 at 16:39 (001351)

Hi sole mate!
I'm curious what your Ortho thought you had if he/she said it wasn't PF? I think it is terrible that your doctor told you that your feet would never get better! I think when they say things like that to people they don't really understand how desperate or vulnerable a person may be feeling . If it is of any help, my feet have improved a fair bit. They flare up very quickly but they are healing (pun not intended ), just slowly. I was rather suspicious of my diagnosis too because when I saw the orthopedic surgeon the other day he told me that plantar facsiitis shouldn't keep people from doing most of their activities. I immediately thought that I therefore must have something else then because I've been unable to almost everything short of cycling! Anyway keep in touch Kathy...Rhonda