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Diet, Like Gordon said, "It's everything"

Posted by Lyndel on 3/01/99 at 00:00 (005152)


Yep, I now feel that diet had everything to do with my PF! Of course shoes also, but I think diet and excersise are the key here. I let myself go and became weak in the legs last year. I use to huff at the top of one flight of stairs and my legs would burn! I thought I was gettting old way to fast! (i'm only 36) So last year I decided to join my wife at the pool. She's been doing water arobics for 3 years now every morning at 6am before she goes to work. Boy does it do wonders for her! (she looks like one of those women body builders because she is so toned now! well, not all the bulging muscles, just toned very well) Anyway...I went to the pool with her. In high school I use to be the best swimmer in the class. Last year when I started swimming again, I could hardly make it accross the pool...THE SHORT WAY

Boy was I out of shape! And I'm not fat at all! 6 foot tall and only 185 pounds! After about 2 months of swimming (actually paddleing back and forth with a kick baord) I was able to swim the lenght of the pool. I still used the kick paddle a lot and boy is that hard when everyone else is blowing by you swimming like fish and they are in their 50's and 60's. Humbling but boy does it tell you you need to get into shape!

Guess what I'm trying to say here is, if you think you are in shape, goto your local swimming pool and try and swim laps with the regulars, if you can keep up for 20 minutes, you are in shape, if you can't, you'd better get swimming if you want to get into shape! Best part is, you are excersising and are not on your feet