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Re: New Too! Right on! (comments from and PF oldie)

Posted by Diane R. on 3/06/99 at 00:00 (005288)

Read your post about the massage therapist and yes, I started having the person who helps me with my bad neck work on my feet & I think it is also helpful to keeping the PF from returning. I work all day on my feet and then some nights too. So when I've overdone it so to speak, I find that she seems to be able to get some of the soreness out right at the source and before it gets to real PF pain again.

Also, your note about first one foot then the other is right on too. It seems true for me at least in other body parts too ... I just tore my right rotator cuff in Nov. and it is finally healing with the help of a great chiroprator (I;m 51 and had never been to one in my life) so it was a Big step for me to go see him. He came highly recommended by friends and also by my massage therapist. He uses a special kind of massage technique on the shoulder area and right into the cuff.... guess I'm drifting -- my orginal point was that from not using my right arm/shoulder normally, my left shoulder has now started acting up too. Now have tenderness in both shoulders and asked him today to work on the left one too. May be a natural body reaction or unique to a certain few of us but it seems overuse of any joint/tendon/connective tissue area does not work well in my body at least.