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Getting on a schedual

Posted by Lyndel on 3/10/99 at 00:00 (005439)


I think that is my biggest problem! Getting on a schedual and staying on it! Since I started my job (4 years ago) I've been pretty much my own boss. (I see my real boss only 8 hours a month! and he is about 150 miles away from me) That means I pretty much set my schedual to do what I need to do when I want. Being that lax with my time, I cant seem to keep any kind of schedual anymore! :~) Even trying to take Vitamin C every 4 hours is like pulling teeth. Some days I'm right on schedual, others I cant even remember to take the 1000 mg even once in a day! I know I know, excuses excuses! Even the excersise is way off for me. Kinda do it as I think of it. Here's a strange twist. I stretch the calf muscles each morning before I get out of bed (this is a regular thing I do so I can remember this one ha ha ha) My left leg is so limber for some reason I can stretch the toes forward so far that it hurts the ankle joint
! Sounds crazy but it's true. The right leg is normal, pull the toes upward and I can feel the calf muscle stretch.

Enough of my rambling. I'm going to bed, another thing I cant do with regularity! Get enough sleep!