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Let me tell you what is working for me...

Posted by Kris on 3/12/99 at 00:00 (005483)

I have been suffering with PF for almost a year. Terrible pain. I was seeing an ortho dr that just gave me anti inflammatory Rx's, one after another (6 in all) and did nothing else. I was miserable,no relief at all!
So I switched to a new Dr. another Ortho dr.who is WONDERFUL. He sent me over to Pomona Valley Hospital (So. Calif area) Physical Therapy dept. They are miracle workers I tell you. This is what I have been doing for the last 3 weeks. I go in the whirlpool to warm up and stretch my calves. Then I do the stationery bikes and resistance work with Thera Bands(rubber bands), I also do the leg press to work my calves and toe raises. They also manually stretch my feet and then I ice them real good. Before I leave they tape my arches, Great support! I was fitted for night splints, another great stretcher that really relieves that 1st in the morning step out of bed awful pain. I also ankle braces (they lace up and have velcro straps that wrap around my arches for support) that keep my foot in a flexed position. Feels like so much support when I am walking! I really feel all this stretching and iceing is doing wonders. Just yesterday they put me in a removeable cast that keeps my foot flexed all the time. It feels like I am wearing a nice comfy UGG boot. Its removeable so I can continue to work the muscles during my Physical Therapy which I am doing 5-6 days a week. Also I can shower without it too. :). I can honestly say today is the first day of no pain I have felt in a year. Well sorry this is so long but I had to share with you what is working for me. I have not had 1 pain or anti-inflammatory pill in a month which is great news for my stomach. This message board is a lifesaver and I have learned so much from it. Thanks. Kris