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Orthotics not helping - Birkenstocks do: Are you like this?

Posted by Mike on 3/12/99 at 00:00 (005503)

I have ordered two pair of $200 orthotics which offer no relief. I even had my Dr. modify one of the pairs of orthotics and it still hurt. I wear birkenstocks (the ugly open sandels with a strap on the back) 100% of the time as this is the only relief I get. With the Birks, I can ride an excercise bike for 30 minutes/day without killing my feet. They stay a little sore but the pain is manageable.

Has anyone else had a similar experience to this? I think it's the shape of the Birk sandels. Even though the orthotics were cast from my feet, the Birks offer more support in the forefoot which is where most my pain is.