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Re: Yoga info, and some other things that work!

Posted by Chris C on 3/13/99 at 00:00 (005511)

Just wanted to agree/thank Rosemary re yoga. Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to attempt yoga off the written page without a picture. For beginners and experienced alike, check out any books by Richard Hittleman. Also, most video rental chains and libraries usually have a couple of basic videos available. and if you like what it does, don't hesitate to seek out a class, many are offered by the ymca, as well as adult ed programs, and your local new age bookstore.

I had been doing yoga for some 8 yrs, and had resumed after an 18 mo layoff, I attibute much of my pf improvement to it.

I would also like to continue the praises of birks. I've found the more time I spend in them the less my feet hurt period. I too was leary of these things, but after 2 days of wearing them I was true believer. When I need to wear dress shoes, I uses the birk inserts [about $40]. At the gym I've been using new balance cross-trainers.

Vitamin C, Glucosamine sulfate [having very good results with GNC brand 1k mg.