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Feet,Feet, Feet!!!

Posted by Susie on 3/20/99 at 00:00 (005670)

To you Scott, thanks for all the information I'll put it to good use.
This message board is great to vent!! Anyway I have a job I really love and don't want to quit it. I do alot of community intergration with people with developmental disabilities and mental retardation so I am on my feet alot. I tape my foot alot and sit down in between. Alot of the people I take our are in wheelchairs, I guess I could join them. I am in pain alot but it sounds like there are alot of you in alot worse pain, I feel for you! I do wish there was some magical cure to make it go away for all us. Oh well if I ever get 3 wishes, that will be one of them! Ha Ha