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Ten days after surgery

Posted by CJ on 3/22/99 at 00:00 (005713)

Went back to doctor today. He did take the stitches out and cleaned out the wound some. It looked bad to me, but he said it was good. No sign of infection. I still have a lot of pain and numbness though.
The pain is with the nerve that seems pinched, but he said that was going to wear off soon. My heel is numb in spots, but swollen too.

I have some throbbing pain at times, and have used ice and propped foot up. Been using over the counter meds, but may call and ask for script if this keeps up.
I am to stay off my foot for another two weeks, and then go back for app't. If anything else comes up, I am to let him know ASAP.
I can get it unwrapped by the end of week and soak my foot in warm water to soften it up. Then I can keep it unwrapped, if it isn't causing too much pain.
Keep your fingers crossed, and thanks again for all the encouragement.