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get a new doctor!

Posted by Sandra Z on 3/23/99 at 00:00 (005740)

Please get a competent doctor: try an orthopedic doctor, or a sports medicine physical therapist. I have been getting better since I left my podiatrist. The orthopod put me a a walking cast for six weeks, and when I got out of that I went to a great sports medicine PT who modified the stretches for me: My legs aren't aligned exactly right so the stretches were hurting me, not helping me. She taught me to realign my body while I stretch and also slowed me down--I was stretching too aggressively. Just leave any PT who hands you a sheet of stretches and says 'do this' without watching you walk and stretch and helping your particular need. There are people who can help out there! Don't let one sadist doctor keep you from getting help.