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for Alicia and Rebecca

Posted by Dayna on 3/25/99 at 00:00 (005758)

Here in Minnesota there is only one insurance company or HMO which will pay for orthotics, Medica, and they are disbanding sometime this year, I think the end of June.

My experience has been that most things related to PF are not covered by most insurance since there is no 'one cause one sure cure' like there is with most other illnesses. I've even had difficulty since there is no coverage of a doctor visit unless you get a diagnosis backed up with medical tests. There is no medical test that can be run to confirm PF, it's subjective, unlike cancer where you can biopsy the lump and it tests malignant for example.

I'm writing this so that we can make a stink about it, there's power in numbers and if enough of us kick and scream and stomp our feet (heck, just kick and stomp, the screaming will happen automatically
:-( insert sick giggle here) we just might get the insurers to listen to us.