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Ariat shoes and boots

Posted by Maggie on 3/29/99 at 00:00 (005820)

I accidentally found a boot that allows me to be on my feet ALL DAY with no pain. I ride horses for a living, and Ariats are the best off the rack boots for equestrians, but they are somewhat expensive. I bought a rubber pair last summer,( before the pf flared up), but stopped wearing them when the weather got cold in November. PF flared in late December. I put the Ariats on two weeks ago on a rainy muddy day and couldn't believe the relief. I have since found a place that sells discontinued colors and styles at good prices ($70 -$100). They come in many styles of boot, and even a casual street shoe for women. A nice change from sneakers. These boots have a gel footbed and a torque stabilization system with a nice arch support. I have just ordered a third pair. Call 1-800-444-6481 for the Drysdales Western Wear catalog. They have the discounted Ariats near the back.