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Re: Clarification

Posted by Alicia on 3/30/99 at 00:00 (005875)

Mark: I used to wear Nike's, but the arch is high in them. Right now, I'm wearing Reebok. I have to try several different brands until my orthotics feel right in them. Also, I had my orthotics reconditioned and had to switch shoes because the reconditioning made them fit differently in my shoes. Thank goodness I had another pair they would fit in. I have always worn custom made orthotics - made by a Physical Therapist who specializes in making them. Expensive, but anything over the counter has never worked for me. I have had PF for 6 years total. It came and went for about 5 1/2 then, last October, I stupidly danced at a wedding and it flared up badly and hasn't gotten better since. So, the last six months have been so bad I have tried almost everything but surgery or cortisone. Hope this clarifies my earlier message.