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I agree, EPF surgery is not a good option...

Posted by Kris on 4/01/99 at 00:00 (005953)

I agree with you too! Both my orthopedic dr and the wonderful staff where I get my P.T. advise you DO NOT want the surgery. About 50-50 chance of success. I am sorry that is not good enough odds to go under the knife and recuperate for a 50-50 chance (if that good of odds). They tell me it is a last and final resort and not a good one. I am getting very frustrated suffering for over a year. I have tried and am currently doing so many things: P.T. 3 days a week, taping, iceing, stretching, deep tissue massage, Vit. C, night splints, casts, etc etc.... I am beginning to feel I am running out of things to try! HELP.
This message board is the best info I have ever seen. Wonderful source of good ideas. Kris