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Qi Gong is Excellent and Don't Give up on Orthotics

Posted by Rosalind on 4/06/99 at 00:00 (006032)

Someone asked about Qi Gong a while ago. I have been doing it regularly for about a month now and have noticed significant improvements. When I first started Qi Gong, I had to sit for about half of the time and now I stand through all but one of the movements.
In addition, late last week I bit the bullet and got my third (!) pair of custom orthotics and they have already made a big difference. Each kind of orthtotic was very different, and I believe it is worth it to keep trying 'till you find ones that work, even though it is expensive. I am still getting used to them, but considering the last pair were excrutiating (I had a lot of nerve pain then too), I am very hopeful... For the first time since I was diagnosed with pf, I can do my stretches without making things worse AND I took my dog for a 40 minute walk yesterday.

I also think acupuncture helped what was probably tarsal tunnel syndrome and the awful pain that came with that. I have also been taking a stress reduction class and doing lots of things simultaneously posted on this board. A few other things that I found helpful were changing shoes frequently (I always had 1 to 2 pairs of shoes in a backpack with me) rather than walking through the pain. Changing socks makes a difference too, because my feet are sooo sensitive to pressure. For a lot of the time I can't wear any socks, but I find the Thorlo socks that have LESS padding in the arch to be the best kind of socks to wear. That was a surprise to me, but what that does is let the shoe snug up better and support the arch.

What I am more than anything right now is hopeful. And I just want to pass on to keep trying. There IS a formula that will work, even though it may be different for everyone. Good luck!!!!