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Re: What was this nerve pain like?

Posted by Jane on 4/06/99 at 00:00 (006041)

I also have nerve paid along with the PF. For me it's like a burning, raw sensation on the bottom fronts of my feet. The orthopedic doctor said it was inter-related with the PF and I had an EMG which showed no nerve damage and he said that meant I did not have tarsal tunnel. Did someone tell you it might be tarsal tunnel with you?
I also went to a neurologist who gave me ELAVIL for the pain and told me to stop drinking any alcohol whatsoever since even moderate amounts can sometimes cause neuropathy. I am not missing my two beers a day, but I am somewhat horrified by the whole thing - I have the feeling they are both 'guessing'. What are your new orthotics like? Are they hard plastic or do they give a little? I had hard ones and two doctors (podiatrist and orthopedic) said to bag them.